IPv4 Looking Glass Sites, listed by ASN. (An IPv6 Looking Glasses page is also available.)

If you know of a working IPv4 Looking Glass site that isn't listed below, feel free to add it. (Don't have a wiki account yet? Sign up here.) Please only add sites that are true BGP looking glasses - pages that only allow ping and/or traceroute should not be included in this list.

Please correct any errors you find in this list. If a site is no longer responding, please change the “OK” in the Notes column to “FAILED” along with the date (mm/dd/yy). If the site becomes operational again, please change the “FAILED” message back to “OK”. If a site has been in “FAILED” status for over a month, it can be removed from the wiki.

Use the http://www.bgp4.net/lg URL if you wish to link to this page.

ASN Provider Link Notes
286 KPN Eurorings http://stats.eurorings.net/cgi-bin/lg.cgi OK
378 ILAN http://noc.ilan.net.il/LG/ OK
513 CERN http://lg.cern.ch/ OK
553 BelWue http://www.belwue.de/lg/lg.cgi OK
559 SWITCH http://lg.lan.switch.ch/lg/lg.cgi OK
680 DFN http://www.noc.dfn.de/lg/ OK
766 RedIRIS http://www.rediris.es/red/lg/ OK
812 Rogers Telecom https://supernoc.rogerstelecom.net/ops/ OK
852 Telus http://aurora.on.tac.net/ OK
1120 Vienna Internet eXchange http://www.vix.at/cgi-bin/lg.cgi OK
1213 HEAnet http://www.hea.net/cgi-bin/lg.cgi OK
1239 SprintLink https://www.sprint.net/lg/ OK
1273 Cable & Wireless https://support.cw.com/?TESTDRIVE=1&LG=1 OK
1299 TeliaSonera http://lg.telia.net/ OK
1653 SUNET http://stats.sunet.se/looking-glass/lg.cgi OK
1741 FUNET/CSC http://www.csc.fi/suomi/funet/noc/looking-glass/lg.cgi OK
1916 RNP http://www.rnp.br/servicos/lg/ OK
2110 EsatBT http://lg.as2110.net OK
2128 INEX https://www.inex.ie/lg/ OK
2603 NORDUnet http://www.nordu.net/connectivity/looking-glass/lg.cgi OK
2607 SIX - Slovak Internet eXchange http://www.six.sk/lg.html OK
2820 Elvis-Telekom http://noc.telekom.ru/lg/ OK
2828 XO http://xostats.xo.com/cgi-bin/xostats/diagtool-pub/bgp OK
2854 Orange Business Services Russia http://lg.gin.ru/ OK
2914 NTT Communications http://www.us.ntt.net/support/looking-glass/ OK
3216 Golden Telecom Russia http://lg.gldn.net/ OK
3257 Tiscali http://www.ip.tiscali.net/lg/ OK
3267 RUNNet http://noc.runnet.ru/lookingglass/index.htm OK
3277 RUSnet http://lg.rusnet.ru/ OK
3292 TDC http://noc.tele.dk/cgi-bin/lg.cgi OK
3308 Telia Networks (Danish Network) http://lg.drift.telia.dk/cgi-bin/lg.cgi OK
3320 Deutsche Telekom https://f-lga1.f.de.net.dtag.de/ OK
3327 Linxtelecom http://lg.version6.net/ OK
3344 Kewlio.net Ltd http://www.as3344.net/lg/index.k OK
3356 Level3 http://lg.level3.net/ OK
3561 Savvis http://as3561lg.savvis.net/lg.html OK
3602 Rogers Telecom https://supernoc.rogerstelecom.net/ops/ OK
3856 PCH (peering only routes from many exchange points) http://lg.pch.net OK
4250 Alentus Corporation http://lg.as4250.net/ OK
4323 TW Telecom http://lglass.twtelecom.net/ OK
4538 CERNET http://bgpview.6test.edu.cn/cgi-bin/querybgp.pl OK
4635 Hong Kong Internet eXchange http://www.hkix.net/hkix/hkixlg.html OK
4766 KORNET http://looking.kornet.net/looking/lookingView.jsp OK
4802 iiNet http://looking-glass.iinet.net.au/lg/ OK
5006 Onvoy http://lg.onvoy.net/cgi-bin/bgplg OK
5056 netINS http://rr.netins.net/lg/lg.cgi OK
5377 Taide http://looking-glass.taide.net/ OK
5390 EuroNet http://lg.euronet.nl/ OK
5400 BT - British Telecom http://lg.bt.net/ OK
5408 Greek Research & Technology Network http://netmon.grnet.gr/lg.shtml OK
5511 OpenTransit https://lg.opentransit.net/cgi-bin/LG/lg-networks.cgi OK
5585 Israeli Internet eXchange http://www.isoc.org.il/iix/2x_looking_glass.html OK
5617 TPNET http://lg.tpnet.pl/ OK
6315 XMission http://stats.xmission.com/lg OK
6373 Opus One http://www.opus1.com/www/looking.html OK
6453 Teleglobe http://lg.teleglobe.net/ OK
6461 AboveNet http://lg.above.net/ OK
6505 Equant Chile http://pit.orange-ftgroup.cl/ OK
6509 CA*net 4 http://dooka.canet4.net/lg/lg.php OK
6661 P&T Luxembourg http://www2.pt.lu/lg/ OK
6667 EUnet http://www.eunetip.net/look.shtml OK
6695 DE-CIX http://lg.de-cix.net/ OK
6730 Sunrise http://debby.sunrise.ch/lg/lg.cgi.html OK
6762 Seabone http://etabeta.noc.seabone.net/cgi-bin/lg.pl OK
6772 Improware AG http://stats.imp.ch/lg/lg.cgi OK
6802 NREN - Bulgaria http://luna.acad.bg/lg OK
6886 INTS http://noc.ints.net/trace/ OK
6939 Hurricane Electric http://lg.he.net/ OK
7474 Optus http://looking-glass.optus.net.au/ OK
7481 Taiwan IX (TWIX) http://www.twix.net/probe/nmsprobe.html OK
7718 TransACT http://looking-glass.transact.net.au OK
8001 Net Access http://eng.nac.net/lookingglass/lg.html OK
8015 VISI http://noc.visi.com/lg OK
8190 Viatel http://lg.viatel.net/lg/lgform.cgi OK
8196 Claranet http://lg.de.clara.net/ OK
8218 Neotelecoms/Eunetworks http://lg.as8218.eu OK
8220 COLT Telecommunications http://as8220.net/lg/ OK
8258 ElVisti http://www2.visti.net/lg/lg.html OK
8331 RiNet http://lg.rinet.ru/ OK
8342 RTComm.RU (Rostelecom) http://lg.rtcomm.ru/ OK
8343 Doris UA http://noc.skif.net/lg/ OK
8365 MANDA http://lg.man-da.de/ OK
8400 Telekom Srbija http://lg.telekom.rs/ OK
8402 Corbina Telecom http://noc.corbina.net/usr-cgi/lg.pl OK
8422 NetCologne http://plg.netcologne.de/lg/ OK
8468 Entanet http://lg.enta.net/ OK
8508 Silesian University of Technology, Computer Center http://lg.silweb.pl OK
8515 DataForce http://lg.df.ru/ OK
8657 Marconi Internet Direct http://glass.cprm.net/cgi-bin/lg.cgi OK
8664 ICM http://www.net.icm.edu.pl/lg/ OK
8717 SpectrumNet (Sofia, Bulgaria) https://spnet.net/admin/lookingglass.phtml OK
8758 Dolphins Network Systems http://lookingglass.as8758.net/cgi-bin/bgplg OK
8779 Khmelnitsk Infocom http://noc.ic.km.ua/cgi-bin/lg.cgi OK
8851 Edge Telecom http://lg.inweb.co.uk OK
8890 ICM http://www.net.icm.edu.pl/lg/ OK
8903 BT Spain http://vasili.bt.es/lg.html OK
8928 Interoute https://hub.interoute.com/lookingglass.aspx OK
9019 Datagrama http://noc.datagrama.net/lg/ OK
9044 SolNet http://stats.solnet.ch/looking-glass/lg.html OK
9070 ITD Net http://lg.itdnet.net OK
9120 Cohaesio A/S http://lg.cohaesio.net/ OK
9121 Turk Telekom http://lg.turktelekom.com.tr/lg/ OK
9199 Renam http://lg.renam.md/ OK
9198 KAZTELECOM-AS http://lg.online.kz/ OK
9202 ZaporozhSvyazServise http://www.zssm.zp.ua:8101/cgi-bin/lg/lg.cgi OK
9304 Hutchison Global Communications http://lg.ibeo.hgc-intl.com/ OK
9370 Sakura Internet http://as9370.bgp4.jp/ OK
9371 Sakura Internet http://as9371.bgp4.jp/ OK
9443 Primus Telecom Australia http://looking-glass.iprimus.net.au/lg OK
9607 BroadBand Tower - Japan http://lg01.colo01.bbtower.ad.jp/ OK
9722 PIPE Networks (QLD) http://www.pipenetworks.com/lg/ OK
9831 Unigate http://lg.unigate.net.tw/ OK
9894 PIPE Networks (ACT) http://www.pipenetworks.com/lg/ OK
11260 Eastlink http://lg.eastlink.ca/ OK
11608 Accretive Networks http://www.accretive-networks.net/lg.html OK
12294 Technological Systems JV http://www.tsua.net/stor/lg.html OK
12369 UkrSat http://support.ukrsat.com/stats/lg.html OK
12381 Widell.Net http://widell.net/cgi-bin/nph-wlg OK
12412 DTR http://lg.dtr.fr/ OK
12530 Golden Telecom http://noc.kiev.sovam.com/lg.dhtml OK
12593 UkrHub.net http://lg.ukrhub.net/lg.html OK
12654 RIPE NCC RIS Project http://www.ris.ripe.net/cgi-bin/lg/index.cgi OK
12670 Completel http://lg.completel.fr/ OK
12767 PragoNet http://nms1.prago.net/public-cgi-bin/lg/lg.cgi OK
12859 Business Internet Trends http://lg.bit.nl/ OK
12867 Bulgaria Online (Sofia, Bulgaria) http://gandalf.online.bg/look/ OK
12883 Ucomline http://noc.ucomline.net/ OK
12897 HEAG MediaNet http://lg.heagmedianet.de/ OK
12902 Luna.nl http://noc.luna.nl/lg/lg.cgi OK
12956 Telefonica http://lg.ri.telefonica-data.net/cgi-bin/lg.pl OK
12969 Vodafone Iceland http://lg.vodafone.is/ OK
13030 Init Seven AG http://www.init7.net/looking-glass/ OK
13188 BANKINFORM (Triolan) http://lg.triolan.net.ua OK
13193 Nerim http://stats.nerim.net/nav/lg/ OK
13194 Bite GSM http://www.tinklomatas.lt/LookingGlass/ OK
13249 ITSystems ISP http://lg.itsinternet.net/ OK
13273 France Teaser http://looking-glass.teaser.fr/ OK
13284 Brain Technology - Playnet - Italy http://lg.playnet.it OK
13645 BroadbandONE / Host.net http://lg.host.net OK
15389 Faroese Telecom http://netcon.internet.fo/cgi-bin/lg.cgi OK
15396 ICM http://www.net.icm.edu.pl/lg/ OK
15412 FLAG Telecom http://ubs.flagtel.com/lg OK
15474 RHnet - Iceland University Research Network http://www.rhnet.is/cgi-bin/nlg/lg.cgi OK
15497 ColoCall http://noc.colocall.net/lg.html OK
15605 Lina.Net http://lg.linanet.is/ OK
15645 Ukrainian Exchange UA-IX http://lg.ix.net.ua/ OK
15744 Silesian University of Technology, Computer Center http://lg.silweb.pl OK
15756 Caravan ISP http://noc.caravan.ru/cgi-bin/lg.cgi OK
15772 WNet http://support.wnet.ua/lg.php OK
15968 Netpilot http://noc.netpilot.net/cgi-bin/lg/lg.pl OK
16215 Genotec Internet Consulting AG http://lg.as16215.net/ OK
16265 LeaseWeb http://noc.leaseweb.com/ OK
16397 .comDOMINIO http://lg.comdominio.com.br OK
16422 NEWskies http://www.newskies.net/lg/ OK
17175 NEWskies http://www.newskies.net/lg/ OK
17999 PIPE Networks (SA) http://www.pipenetworks.com/lg/ OK
18221 TSN Internet http://looking-glass.tsn.cc OK
18398 PIPE Networks (NSW) http://www.pipenetworks.com/lg/ OK
19214 Centauri Communications http://lg.centauricom.com/lg/lg.cgi OK
19151 BBOI http://irr.bboi.net/cgi-bin/lg.cgi OK
20080 AMPATH http://loadrunner.uits.iu.edu/~routerproxy/ampath/ OK
20485 TransTeleCom http://lg.transtk.ru/ OK
20555 WSISiZ http://noc.wsisiz.edu.pl/lg/lg.cgi OK
20685 Evrocom http://www.evrocom.net/bg/support/lg.html OK
20773 Hosteurope http://latency.hosteurope.de/lg/ OK
20853 Etop/ DataHouse.pl http://lg.etop.pl/ OK
20932 IP-MAN/SIG http://lg.ip-man.net/ OK
21083 N-IX http://www.n-ix.net/lg.html OK
21131 Sacura Telecom http://noc.cv.ua/glass.html OK
21142 PragoNet http://nms1.prago.net/public-cgi-bin/lg/lg.cgi OK
21219 DataGroup (NewLine) http://lg.newline.net.ua/ OK
21230 Mnet http://lg.mnet.bg/ OK
21238 LIPEX http://www.lipex.net/looking_glass/ OK
23504 Speakeasy http://lg.speakeasy.net/ OK
23649 NEWskies http://www.newskies.net/lg/ OK
23741 PIPE Networks (TAS) http://www.pipenetworks.com/lg/ OK
23745 PIPE Networks (VIC) http://www.pipenetworks.com/lg/ OK
24557 AussieHQ http://looking-glass.aussiehq.net.au OK
24770 UnixSol (Sofia, Bulgaria) http://www.unixsol.org/lg OK
24796 NaMeX - Nautilus Mediterranean eXchange http://www.namex.it/lg.php OK
24971 Master Internet http://www.master.cz/lg OK
25137 nfsi telecom http://lg.nfsi.pt/ OK
25409 AlsysNet http://lg.alsysdata.net OK
25462 ReTN http://lg.retn.net/ OK
25528 Vodatel HR http://lg.vodatel.hr OK
25577 C4L http://lg.c4l.co.uk OK
28809 Nauka-Svyaz http://lg.naukanet.ru/ OK
28929 ASDASD srl (Italy) http://as28929.net/lg/ OK
28968 Eurasia Telecom http://www.eut.ru/client/lg.html OK
29305 OF.PL Poland http://lg.of.pl/ OK
29266 Danish Broadcast Corporation http://lg.dr.dk/ OK
29527 Othello Technology Systems Ltd. http://www.as29527.net/lg/ OK
29632 NetAssist http://noc.netassist.kiev.ua/lg.php OK
29686 Probe Networks http://probe-networks.de/lg/ OK
30653 Exobit Networks http://noc.exobitnetworks.com/lg/lg.cgi OK
30781 Jaguar Network http://www.as30781.net/lg/ OK
30789 Sellinet http://sellinet.net/look OK
30795 INTRON Networks http://lg.intron.net OK
30890 Evolva Telecom http://lg.evolva.ro OK
30975 Telewizja Kablowa Koszalin sp. z o. o. http://sloniewski.pl/lg/ OK
31554 RomNet altFEL http://lg.romnet.org OK
33031 Inerail http://as33031.net OK
33843 interscholz Internet Services http://noc.interscholz.net/lg/ OK
33868 Perfekt http://lg.net.perfekt.pl OK
34043 Romania Internet Security Systems http://lg.riss.ro/ OK
34501 Romania Internet Security Systems http://lg.riss.ro/ OK
34688 Maverick http://lg.maverick.com.pl/ OK
35320 EuroTransTelecom http://lg.ett.com.ua/ OK
39122 Blacknight Internet Solutions http://www.39122.as OK
39397 Az.StarNet http://noc.simsiz.az/lg OK
41075 ATW Internet http://atw.co.hu/lg OK
41095 IPTP Networks http://www.iptp.net/lg.php OK
42227 Airwire http://lg.as42227.net/ OK
43646 Smartjog (TDF Group) http://www.as43646.net/tools/ OK
43782 DARS Telecom http://darstelecom.ru/lg/ OK
43975 VolgaTelecom http://lg.vt.ru/ OK
44814 BulgarTel http://lg.bulgartel.bg/ OK
48415 AirExpress (Zhytomyr, Ukraine) http://lg.airexpress.net.ua/ OK
48896 dhosting.pl Sp. z o.o. http://lg.dhosting.pl/ OK
50056 ServerChoice Ltd http://lg.as50056.net OK
50300 Custodian Data Centre http://lg.custdc.net/ OK
262792 Vescnet http://lg.vescnet.com.br/ OK

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