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Feb 22 2017

I've cleaned up the looking glass and route server pages - they had gotten kind of stale. The ping and traceroute pages still have some dead links in them - feel free to help the cleanup!

I just axed 80,000+ user accounts, most of which were spammers. If I deleted your account, I'm sorry, you'll need to re-register.

Network Tools


IPv4 Looking Glasses - IPv4 BGP Looking Glasses.

IPv4 Ping - IPv4 ping pages.

IPv4 Route Servers - IPv4 publicly accessible route servers.

IPv4 Traceroute - IPv4 traceroute pages


IPv6 Looking Glasses - IPv6 BGP Looking Glasses.

IPv6 Ping - IPv6 ping pages.

IPv6 Route Servers - IPv6 publicly accessible route servers.

IPv6 Traceroute - IPv6 traceroute pages.

Network - Misc. network links

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